Dada Arrigoni

Daniela Arrigoni, Italian designer.
She was born with the nickname Dada, which will inspire the name of her own brand.
Since she was a little girl she showed an extraordinary passion and predisposition for art, architecture and design.
Dada lives with a strong passion the 80’s, in which she will create the “Dada Arrigoni Jewelry” brand, working from that moment on with an exceptional dynamism.
This determined and ambitious woman, represented with her personality the new feminine model. Devoted to her work, to a bright and efficient life, without labels and equipped with some auto irony, but with a strong sophisticated DNA, Dada transformed the female elegance, without basing it in the opulence and affectation, but simplicity and comfort.
Her jewelry becomes “luxury accessories” that define a look, taking over the concept of high quality jewelry and placing it between the contemporary diktat of exquisite taste. This is the result of a precise and original physiognomy, of a big creative and business instinct that finds the approval and esteem of the international jet set.