Iconic maison of jewellery
In balance between contemporaneity and timelessness


In balance between contemporaneity and timelessness

The passion for beauty, not as an aesthetic value in itself but as a search for a unique identity expressed in a creativity that transcends the classical canons.

Dada Arrigoni

The principle of creative and entrepreneurial independence inspired Dada Arrigoni in her decision to dedicate her life to the creation of jewels capable of enhancing the personality of the women who wear them.

The unique style of Dada Arrigoni was born in Italy in 1985, from the passion for jewellery of its founder, who since her childhood showed a predisposition for the arts, architecture and design.

Dada Arrigoni plays with shapes, proportions, weights, to create jewels with a unique aesthetic identity, in balance on the contrast between contemporaneity and timelessness.

A style that goes beyond fashions, based on Dada’s ability to create recognizable collections with unique shapes, out of traditional formal style.

Dada Arrigoni’s ambition to reach perfection is fully embraced by the expert Italian goldsmiths who produce her jewellery with an uncompromising quality.

Dada Arrigoni offers today’s women the gratification of self-expression and the pleasure of wearing jewels with a unique and distinctive design.

Creativity and experimentation

The intuition to design combinable rings, to match different earrings, to circumvent the border between art, fashion and jewelry, to experiment with new materials, to anticipate the times boldly proposing Mix & Match combinations, make Dada’s jewellery unique and always contemporary.

Each Collection brings its own founding values, but leaves freedom of interpretation to those who choose it and wear it, going beyond the conventions.

Personality and style

The Dada Arrigoni jewellery does not go unnoticed, defining and enhancing the individuality of those who choose it.

A woman who never wants to be trivial and plays with Dada Arrigoni jewels to create unexpected combinations and define her style.


We focus on shapes and volumes to create contemporary and ergonomic jewelry to wear every day


We continue the great Italian Goldsmith’s Tradition valuing the skills and craftsmanship of our Artisans that make each Jewel unique


We do not accept compromises in any of the phases of the production process of each Jewel


We use materials from certified sources in compliance with current regulations


Founded on the Values of Excellence, Creativity and Design, Dada Arrigoni creates Jewels with the ambition of achieving Perfection.

The production is entirely carried out in Italy by skilled Goldsmiths, using materials of the highest quality in compliance with Ethical and Moral principles in every phase of production: from the supply of raw materials to the Jewel.